Cory Doctorow: [The US is now the epicenter of the pandemic] a: “Trump wants the country to go back to work by Easter, because in his version of the Trolley Problem, the most important thing is saving the trolley.”

In cruel irony, the bulk of the people who die will be older Americans – the Trump and Fox news demographic, Cory notes.

But so many people will die because of this. Old people. Young people. People with disabilities. People who just had very bad luck. Kids.

And that’s before you get to all the people who have car wrecks or heart attacks or slip-and-falls and can’t get treatment in overloaded hospitals.

When Hoover fucked up by giving in to plutes and crashed the economy, he got tent cities, or “Hoovervilles.”

Trump’s fuckup will end with mass graves. Trump Mausoleums? Mar-a-Plague-Pits?

We will get through this. But Trump will have murdered so many of us before it’s over.

Mitch W @MitchW