How Huawei is dividing Western nations

Scott Bade at TechCrunch: Western countries are split on whether to ban Huawei outright on telco networks, like Australia does, or allow the company to be used cautiously, like Britain.

The US is, of course, calling for a Huawei ban.

Much of the split is geographic. The US and Australia are Pacific powers, with China as a neighbor. For Europe, China is a half a world away.

If war breaks out between the US and China, the US and its more Sino-cautious allies fear their vital networks would be controlled by the enemy. And even in peace, Western nations don’t want to see those vital networks controlled by China.

You can’t chalk this one up to more Trump idiocy. The US started turning up the heat on China under Obama. And a million Uighurs will tell you that China is not a nice country.