A Las Vegas farm feeds 4,000 pigs slops made from waste food from casinos. The farm is now struggling.

Tiana Bohner at Fox5 Las Vegas:

“Pigs are a lot like us so they love sweets, candies, ice cream,” Las Vegas Livestock co-owner Hank Combs said. “They like meat and potatoes. They’re not a big fan of salads and produce, but they will eat it.

On a normal day, the farm would get 20 tons of food from casinos and restaurants across the valley. Once the strip shut down and casinos closed, their food source was cut off…..

Months before the coronavirus outbreak, Combs and his company developed and designed a new system. The first of its kind, it can un-package anything, allowing them to use the food inside sauce packets and milk jugs.

The farm blends the food then boils it.

Farm scraping by to feed 4,000 pigs without Las Vegas Strip leftovers

Via John Gruber at Daring Fireball, who notes this as an example of the extraordinary interconnectedness of the present-day economy.

Mitch W @MitchW