High Fidelity at 20: the sneakily dark edge of a comedy about bad breakups

Scott Tobias at The Guardian: High Fidelity is the story of a self-centered jerk who learns to become less of a self-centered jerk.

Also, this: “One of the film’s most insightful and endearing qualities is how much it’s willing to poke fun at Rob, Barry, and Dick’s record-clerk arrogance without belittling their passions entirely.”

Love this movie.

Didn’t even try watching the new gender-crossed TV series. I am not offended by the gender-crossing. I do feel like the main character is a male archetype, and doesn’t work as a young woman. But if they can make it work, that’s cool.

It’s just the TV series did not look appealing to me. And the movie already exists – it is perfect as is, it cannot be improved.

Mitch W @MitchW