On today’s Pluralistic by Cory Doctorow

Disney horror/comic mashups are appalling/delightful

Daniel “Kickpunch” Björk created an incredible set of Disney Comic/horror movie mashups.

The chemistry of cold-brew coffee

I can’t say I have strong feelings about cold-brew coffee. I like a nice iced coffee in hot weather. But even in hot weather, I like hot coffee.

The crisis is making heroes of IT workers

IT workers are pulling all-nighters and multi-day marathons to set up co-workers for remote work and provision systems for new workflows.

Automating fake PDF signatures

The modern era has many tiny hypocrisies, but none quite so common as the mutual pretense by which you ask me to print, sign and scan a PDF and I pretend that I didn’t just paste my signatures into it."

But some firms shatter this tacit social contract and demand that you really engage in the ridiculous ritual of actually printing, signing and scanning.

Enter Falsiscan, a tool to automate convincing forgeries of this procedure.


Falsiscan takes in 27 variants of your signature and then feed these sigs and your PDF to it, with the (x,y) for each signature blank as arguments, and it will produce a slightly off-center, slightly degraded new PDF that looks like you actually signed it.