Automating categories using emoji. Nerdy fun!

Listening to the Monday microcast with @macgenie and @manton yesterday, I learned that you can use filters on to search for text in a post you write, and automatically include that post in a category.

So you can automate to search for any post containing the word “beer,” or the beer emoji 🍺, and put that in a “beer” category. Instructions are here.

Additionally, uses emoji in lieu of hashtags, which I like. Because emoji are awesome and hashtags are ugly.

Later, in the evening, I set up an automated, filtered category for “best of,” using the full-moon emoji 🌕 for a filter. I chose that emoji for no other reason than that it is a nice emoji, and won’t get in the way of people reading the post.

So now I have a blog category for my best posts, to distinguish them from the daily flow of ephemera.

I’m also thinking of using emoji with IFTTT or Zapier to control cross-posting to Twitter and Tumblr.

One of the things I love about is that it manages to be both simple and powerful, which is a rare combination.

And now because this post contains that full moon emoji, it should automatically appear in the best-of category, without my having to do anything about it.

Mitch W @MitchW