Today on Cory Doctorow’s

[Private equity] companies that “looted healthcare want billions in bailout.”

Corporations that went to binding arbitration to stiff consumers are screaming now that automation is threatening to make the playing field fair

E-voting is a nonstarter for secret elections but it’ll work for public votes by elected officials such as legislators

Republicans plan squads of ex-military and ex-police to intimidate black and Latino voters

“‘Job creators’ are job annihilators”

Eric Snowden warns that pandemic surveillance will become permanent. If you liked the PATRIOT Act, you’ll love pandemic surveillance!

Also: “RIP MAD’s Mort Drucker: One of ‘the usual gang of idiots:”

His daughter, Laurie Bachner, told the AP: “I think my father had the best life anyone could hope for. He was married to the only woman he ever loved and got to make a living out of what he loved to do.”

Drucker worked at MAD from the mid-50s on, helping to define the magazine’s caricature house-style.

Mitch W @MitchW