Tales of romance and relationships during the pandemic

Covering Covid [Embedded]

A woman tries dating by Facetime and Zoom, and has stories.

A newlywed couple, married just one year, is quarantined together in a one-bedroom apartment; they’re struggling as he’s an average male slob and she had a terrible fear of death that she was seeking counseling for even BEFORE the pandemic.

A man tells his wife he wants a divorce and then they get locked in together in quarantine, which is awkward.

I loved this episode and am looking forward to the inevitable Richard Curtis movie adaptation.

But it occurs to me that all the stories are about privileged people. Where are the so-called “essential workers” – the Amazon warehouse and Instacart workers? Where are the doctors and nurses? Where are the people who are sick or dying?

P.S. Dating stories from my over-30 single women friends are a guilty pleasure of mine. They’re suffering for my entertainment!

Mitch W @MitchW