Today on Cory Doctorow’s Pluralistic

++ A GoFundMe to save NYC’s Forbidden Planet store.

++ “A labradoodle breeder is in charge of America’s vaccines: An actual labradoodle could do a better job.”

++ “Inject disinfectant:” Even when faced with ridiculous objections to scientific fact, such as climate change, journalists feel the need for dangerous both-siderism.

++ “Masks work: Lasers reveal your revolting, spittle-flecked utterances.”

++ “US telcoms sector isn’t doing better than Europe’s: Net Neutrality’s murderers want you to believe they saved the American internet.”

++ “Amazon uses its sellers' data to figure out which products to clone: And they lied to Congress about it.”

++ “Facebook let advertisers target ‘pseudoscience’ and ‘conspiracy’:” This uses the same algorithm that previously allowed advertisers to target “jew-haters.”

++ “Security expert conned out of $10,000: If you think you’re too smart to get phished…. "

Mitch W @MitchW