Injections of Bleach? Beams of Light? Trump Is Self-Destructing Before Our Eyes

“The notion that [Trump] is bound for four more years is pure superstition.”

This is a wonderful rallying cry by Frank Bruni at the New York Times about Trump’s extreme beatability this year. Indeed, Trump doesn’t have to be beaten; he’s destroying himself.

Trump is extremely unpopular now. Of course, he was extremely unpopular in 2016 as well, and won anyway.

But the dissonance of that victory could be explained partly by what he represented: a protest against the status quo. Now he _is _the status quo, and voters have had a chance to sample the disruption that he pledged. It tastes a lot like incompetence.

I’ve been saying – and hoping – something similar for a couple of years. A big part of Trump’s support in 2016 came from people who went into the voting booth and saw two levers. One was marked “MORE OF THE SAME.” They pulled the other lever, which was marked “SOMETHING DIFFERENT.”

Also, while Trump makes a strength out of outrageous behavior that would be fatal to another politician, a lot of what he has going for him is just plain luck.

He’s lucky beyond all imagining. But here’s the thing about luck: It runs out.


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Mitch W @MitchW