William Shatner’s “Get a Life” sketch from Saturday Night Live in the 1980s. dai.ly/xmagzq

I’d never seen it before.

In an interview on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast, Jason Alexander describes meeting Shatner, when Alexander was starring on Seinfeld and Seinfeld was a hit. Alexander, who’s an enthusiastic Trekkie, was thrilled. www.gilbertpodcast.com/jason-ale…

Shatner told a story about how he had trouble getting work after Star Trek, and hated being typecast. He hated the fans too. Later, Shatner said, he came to appreciate the rare gift of being Captain Kirk. Alexander said he tried to learn from that, even as he was having trouble being typecast as George Costanza.

I’m no William Shatner or Jason Alexander, but I’ve enjoyed some success in life while also sometimes feeling bitter that I had not had more success, or been successful at different things.

Jason Alexander is a mensch.