The question every Asian-American hates – Miss Space, 1959 – ephemera #2

For dinner last night, I went to a favorite Mediterranean take-out place. As always, they had the doors open and the a/c turned up high, which is fantastic from a health perspective but challenging when you’re waiting for your food.

“The question every Asian-American hates: Where are you from?”

Particularly interesting to me because I routinely ask people where they are from. So this is something for me to think about.

For me, my answers would be: San Diego, lived in California more than 25 years, from New York, still think of myself as an expatriate NYer.

Tim Curry on the set of ‘IT’ (1990)

Miss Space, 1959 – Suzanne Adams of Dallas, TX

Shouldn’t Miss Space be from Space, not Dallas?

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