“Words That Mean Nothing: Our political discourse is dominated by issues that don’t exist” — Hamilton Nolan

Our political discourse is dominated by terms like “woke,” “cancel culture,” “socialism,” and “critical race theory” that mean whatever the speaker wants them to mean.

This is a great essay, but it’s got one huge problem, which is Nolan says everybody’s doing it. Everybody isn’t doing it — Republicans and MAGAs do it.

On the other hand, yes to this:

… things like poverty and inequality and death and disease and climate change and war can all be easily quantified, defined and debated in a meaningful way. When someone instead spends all their time talking about things that seem undefinable, it is probably because they find reality to be an uncomfortable topic.

I started to write something here about why I have pronouns in my social media profile even though I also think pronouns are bullshit — and make progressives look foolish. But that’s a discussion for another time.