Vaccine Hesitancy In The U.S. Is A Peculiar Privilege

While people in developing countries are desperate to get vaccinated, privileged Americans hesitate and refuse.
Junaid Nabi at

This ongoing COVID-19 vaccine distribution crisis has revealed the core drivers of inequity in global health: People in rich countries do not recognize the universality of health care problems and often see infectious disease outbreaks as problems for “other people in other countries.” The major lesson of the pandemic — that infections do not respect national boundaries — is yet to be heeded.

So for the people who say, “I want to watch and wait,” I would like to remind them that their vacillations are reckless and cruel. They upend the sacrifices we have all made together to end the pandemic. By not doing your part to reduce the risks, you increase the risks for all of us. And that’s a very peculiar response to this catastrophic pandemic.

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  1. ladyhope: @MitchWagner Is it a privelege when your GP can’t answer your questions? As in you have so many medical complexities, that she says well I really don’t know what effects the vaccine may or may not have on you. When I asked her if someone with my set of diagnoses had been vaccinated, she said she really didn’t know that either. via


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