February 2020

Here’s what I was doing in February, 2020, two years ago this month.

Two years ago at about this time I was in discussion to work on a freelance project in early March that would have required overnight business travel.

Soon after agreeing to take the gig, I remember thinking maybe travel wouldn’t be a good idea. But I didn’t want to alienate a first-time client by saying “yes” and then “no.”

Soon after that, I didn’t have to worry about alienating the client. The event was canceled, and I did the work remotely.

The last business trip I went on was Dec. 2019. I went up to San Francisco for a Cisco event. The business part was a big success, and I got a little free time to walk around that beautiful city, as I like to do.

Business travel was a big part of my life for 30 years. Now that I’ve switched careers, I do expect the occasional trip but not like it was before.

Very few of us realized Feb. 2020 was going to be the last normal month for a while.

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