Here’s the trailer.

I’ve seen criticism of the trailer and of all the movies after “Raiders.” And much of that criticism is valid.

But the best reaction to the trailer was from Jason Kottke: “Ok fine I will watch one more Indy movie.

I have enjoyed every Raiders movie, even “Temple of Doom” and “Crystal Skull.” I have no doubt we will watch this one and enjoy it.

The parts I enjoyed in “Temple of Doom” were the little kid and the girlfriend, who screamed very fetchingly.

Marion stole the movie in “Crystal Skull.” She had all the good scenes.

About that trailer: The bullwhip scene is classic Indiana Jones: “Look at me I am doing this swashbuckling thing… Oh shit that was a really bad idea.” All conveyed with his face and body language.

That scene is a visual response to the swordsman scene in the first movie, only this time it’s the other guys who have the guns.