Do you set aside time every day to unplug?

Yesterday I read this post by Craig Mod about how he spends a big part of his day just walking around, unplugged, not connected to the Internet or listening to anything on earphones.

The Sorta Kinda Life Changing Bliss of Walking Solo

It made me think about how I seem to be looking at screens or listening to podcasts almost all the time1, and how maybe it would be better if I just … not.

In particular, I thought about how lately I’m listening to many podcasts out of habit, rather than real interest.

So I set aside a half-hour of my walk yesterday to just … walk. I took the AirPods out of my ears and listened to nothing but ambient sound and my own thoughts.

Do you set aside time in your day to unplug?

Or does your life naturally encourage unplugging? I imagine if you’re working with your hands in an activity requiring thought, you can’t be listening to audiobooks at the time.

  1. Phrased that way, it seems shocking. ↩︎

Mitch W @MitchW