9 years ago today

  • High temperature was 91 degrees.
  • I was in talks for a job at Light Reading.
  • I was in the midst of a long and extraordinarily difficult process of trying to get Minnie housebroken. I attached her leash to my belt and kept her with me at all times when we were home.

Notes from 2023:

Even here in San Diego, a high of 91 is noteworthy. Here in 2023, we’re in the middle of days of chilly weather and heavy rain.

The Light Reading job was great – in some respects, the high point of my career – most of the time.

Even extreme dog lovers say that raising a puppy is hell, and they forget how bad it is from one time to the next. I felt low and worthless from my inability to do a simple thing like housebreak the dog. If we adopt another dog, it will be an adult.

Minnie was having occasional accidents until she was nearly 3 years old, but now she is extraordinarily self controlled. I have occasionally brought her directly from my office, where she sleeps, into the house, without letting her run around outside first, and discovered that hours later she still had no urgency to go out.

Mitch W @MitchW