Everywhere on Earth, from Europe to China to Africa to Australia and the Americas, is dominated by Europe or its legacy.

The whole world is either Europe, a European colony, or conquered by Europe or the US (a European colony).

That’s all coming to an end now, says Ian Welsh.

And it’s happening so fast we can see it.

The Death Throes Of The World Europe Made:

[Conflict with China] is about whether a non-European power will be allowed to remake the world Europe made. … It is an existential threat to European rule, and it is being treated as such. The “yellow peril” has arrived.

In 30 years, will Mandarin be the the new English? The new lingua-Franca? The language everyone has to know and that you can, if clumsily, get by on almost everywhere?

Absent a major war, likely nuclear, or civilization collapse, I find it hard to see a scenario where China doesn’t become the most important global power.

Mitch W @MitchW