From my journal, this day in 2014:

A group of teenagers rang the doorbell last night. I went down the stairs to answer. The leader, a girl about 15, explained they were a group from the Baptist church down the street. They were playing a kind of scavenger hunt. The object was to go door-to-door looking to trade an object for another object. Did we have anything better than a keychain?

I thought about it. Nothing came to mind. Hold on I’ll check, I said. I went back up the stairs.

I looked in the basket by the front door. A tube of suntan lotion? No, Julie said that was some kind of boutique suntan lotion. A reflector armband that did not actually reflect? No.

I looked on the coffee table. There was a mini-USB cable from a recent electronics purchase, still neatly bundled. I have a million of those from various gadgets. They’re nearly worthless. To me. Maybe a non-geek wouldn’t think so?

I went out the front door and called down the front stairs. “Is a mini-USB cable better than a keychain?”

“Yes!” said the girl. I went down the stairs and made the trade.

I asked them if they’d heard about the guy who played a similar game and ended up eventually trading from a paperclip to a house. The girl said no. I asked how I would find out how everything came out. The girl said, well, if I heard shrieks of delight coming from the church I’d know they won.

I never did find out how it came out.