You know the business cliches: “It was a bad fit” and “it was a mutual decision”? I used to think those cliches were bullshit. Now I see those two brief statements are the best way to sum up my experience on that job.

I’ve already got a couple of promising leads on full-time jobs, one ongoing freelance assignment, and am looking for more.

I posted the following to LinkedIn this morning:

I’m available for writing and editing work in marketing and journalism, specializing in enterprise and telco cloud infrastructure, networking and applications. I’m available for both full-time and freelance work.

My focus is on showcasing the intersection of technology and business—how organizations can use technology to deliver business value, using tech to find new revenue, reduce cost, and eliminate the hassles of keeping their technology infrastructure running (or, translated into marketing language: innovation, digital transformation, and reducing CAPEX and OPEX for overall reduced TCO).

I have more than 30 years of experience. Contact me at and let’s talk about how I can bring that rich expertise to your business.

View my writing portfolio: <…>