For an example of my ignorance today: I only have a vague idea who “Drake” is. I gather he’s a rapper? And super-famous? Other than that, I can’t tell you a single thing about him.

It’s not just Drake. I routinely don’t recognize the names of popular actors, other musicians, movies, and even many TV shows.

This intrigues me, because in the 70s and 80s I was pretty plugged in.

For the years this has been going on, I’ve just assumed it’s because I’m middle-aged, don’t have kids, and pop culture is not for me anymore.

However, this SNL skit suggests the phenomenon goes much deeper. The skit suggests that famous people and movies just aren’t actually famous anymore.

I recognize the guy with the mustache, though. He’s Pedro Pascal, star of “Last of Us” and (the exact same role, only with a helmet) “The Mandalorian.”

The last question in the skit is spot on. Just like Pedro, I would have been totally stumped.