A message for folks who follow me from Mastodon

Micro.blog, the outstanding service I use to post here, just implemented a feature that lets users migrate their Mastodon followers to follow a Mastodon account. I plan to do that with all my ActivityPub followers here—move y’all to @mitchw@mastodon.social—unless I hear a great outcry of “no no please no!”

If you’re following me from Mastodon, you’ll see longer and better formatted post excerpts, and you’ll see my boosts, which you currently do not see here. And I will see when you boost or favorite one of my posts.

Why am I doing this? When I launched this blog late last year, I saw the Mastodon integration, I thought, “Great! I’ll just use mitchw.blog as my primary Mastodon account.” But almost as soon as I did that, I decided it was a bad idea. Mastodon is Mastodon and blogging is blogging and the two should be mixed carefully.

And now I have a chance to reverse that error, and I plan to do so ASAP.

Unless, like I said, I hear a groundswell of protest.

To be honest, I don’t think y’all will notice a difference. Unless you’ve added me to a Mastodon list, in which case you should add @mitchw@mastodon.social to that list instead.

And let me put in a plug here for micro.blog, which is an excellent, inexpensive service for lightweight blogging.

Mitch W @MitchW