I tried Grammarly yesterday and I like it a lot

I published two posts here yesterday and noticed copyediting errors after publication. This troubled me partly because I had a whitepaper due later that day, and I was concerned about sloppy mistakes in paying copy.

So I decided, “I’ve heard good things about Grammarly. I’ll give that a try.”

Holy cow! It’s fantastic!

Also, humbling.

Grammarly flagged 95 suggestions in a 2,200-word whitepaper. It suggested replacing the first three words of the whitepaper with a single word. Most of the changes it recommended were along those lines; tightening up the text by eliminating unnecessary words.

However, some of Grammarly’s recommended changes would have introduced errors in my work, and I had to dismiss those. Grammarly doesn’t run on autopilot.

Overall, I’m delighted with Grammarly, and I’m signing up for a one-year subscription now.

And yes, Grammarly reviewed this post. It recommended seven changes. I accepted most of them.

Mitch W @MitchW