A Google VP says Microsoft is abusing its dominance in on-premises software and Office 365 to give it an unfair advantage in the cloud (Foo Yun Chee / Reuters).

“Microsoft definitely has a very anti-competitive posture in cloud. They are leveraging a lot of their dominance in the on-premise business as well as Office 365 and Windows to tie Azure and the rest of cloud services and make it hard for customers to have a choice,” Vice President Amit Zavery told Reuters.

I covered the 2001 US v. Microsoft antitrust lawsuit closely, so this is very familiar to me. Then it was about Internet Explorer and Windows, and now it’s about different technologies, but the same strategy.

Zavery says Microsoft is cutting sweetheart deals with European cloud providers to make those cloud providers’ antitrust complaints disappear.

Microsoft, of course, denies all.

Mitch W @MitchW