“‘Hunger Games’ meets ‘Lord of the Flies’” among employees at Facebook’s parent company, Meta, as mass layoffs and absentee bosses create a morale crisis. “While Meta’s peers are chasing a wave of innovation in artificial intelligence, Mr. Zuckerberg has made a big bet on the metaverse,” which nobody wants—at least not in the form Zuck imagines it.

Also, while Zuckerberg is encouraging rank-and-file employees to return to the office, he’s on parental leave, and top executives have fled California for locations including Tel Aviv, London, and New York.


The company is also cutting back on some of its lavish perks, once considered necessary to attract top talent. Last year, Meta ended its free laundry service for employees and pushed dinner service later into the evening — a way to cut down on workers’ loading up free food to take home….

One [employee was frustrated that there was no more cereal in the worker’s office….

— New York Times / Sheera Frenkel and Mike Isaac

Mitch Wagner @MitchW