Screenshot of a tweet with a photo of two men wearing orange safety vests, walking one ahead of the other, carrying a metal pole on their shoulders between them. Title is: “These fuckers are almost certainly on their way to be an obstacle in a motorcycle chase currently in progress.” Because in an action movie you’d see someone speeding along on a motorcycle and having to avoid going under the metal pole and getting clipped.

Black and white photo apparently from the mid-70s of teen-agers (they look to be about 15) slow dancing. The boys are wearing casual button down shirts and pants. The girls are wearing long dresses. The couples are pressed close together.

A black-and-white photo, I guess from the 1930s, of a woman in a dress and sweater standing in front of a row of kinetoscopes (those old timey one-person movie machines that you peered into). She’s bent slightly in front of a machine with the title “The Farmer’s Daughter,” and has her hand to her mouth, pretending to look shocked.

Looks like a photo of Ringo Starr and a pretty young blonde woman dressed very groovy, ca. 1970