How "Animal House" changed the world and invented today's Republican Party

“Animal House” is where the 1960s finally and decisively turned into the 1980s — the 1970s being understood as a transition period highlighted by double-knit and “Kung Fu Fighting.” With “Animal House,” we crossed the line from hippies to yuppies, from “all you need is love” to “greed is good.” It seems crazy to say it, but the film’s Deltas — a fraternity of proud, self-defined losers — became role models for a generation obsessed with winning. You could argue we’re still living with the fallout.

— Ty Burr at The Washington Post: I was on campus when ‘Animal House’ debuted. It changed everything.

I love this movie and can quote from it endlessly. And Burr is right.

Donald Trump is Bluto.

Mitch W @MitchW