RIP Mark Goddard, who played Major Don West on the 1960s “Lost in Space.”

Lovely statement from Goddard’s co-star Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson. Variety:

R.I.P. to Mark Goddard. A truly beloved friend and brother to me for 59 years. I knew this was coming for the past few months. Shortly after a great phone chat he and I had on his 87th birthday in late July, I became aware that I would most likely never see or speak with him again. The last words we exchanged were “I love you.”

The show was initially more of a straight action-adventure, with Goddard’s Major West as a romantic lead opposite Judy Robinson, played by Marta Kristen. But when “Batman” took off in the ratings, “Lost in Space” went for camp and there wasn’t much for Major West to do other than yell at Doctor Smith.

The New York Times:

In his 2008 memoir, “To Space and Back,” [Goddard] referred to his space uniform, his wardrobe for the show, as “silver lamé pajamas and my pretty silver ski boots.”

Goddard left showbiz, went back to college, and became a teacher of special needs kids.

Goddard lived a life of service, bringing happiness to a lot of people (including me) and then as a teacher. A good life.

Mitch W @MitchW