A long thread of stories about people bombing job interviews, on Ask a Manager:

When asked a (completely stupid question) about how I would react if I woke up suddenly in a cage with a tiger, I asked if the tiger was alive.

This wasn’t the right line of questioning as per the interviewer’s surprised expression.

When asked to elaborate, I said “If it’s dead, cry but no real panic. It’s alive, cry and panic and die.”


I started thinking of further clarifying questions I would ask in this interview scenario and realized I was just Dungeons-and-Dragonsing my way through it:

“What is the condition of the tiger? Has the tiger noticed me yet? What can I perceive outside of the cage? Can I see the door to the cage from where I’m sitting? Can I hear or see the presence of anyone else outside the cage? Does the cage appear to be locked or only shut? Is the tiger between me and the door to the cage? Okay, given that knowledge and my Strength and Dexterity (not good), I…”

Mitch W @MitchW