AI? I guess it’s cool, but none of the demos I’ve heard about look all that interesting. If Siri is better able to understand what I tell it to do, that would be a breakthrough. If I say, “remind me to… “ Siri should know that I want it to add a reminder to Omnifocus, not Reminders. I don’t use Reminders.

AirPods are getting the ability to respond to Siri shaking your head. That sounds useful. I wonder whether my four-year-old Airpods Pro will support that.

Apple is bringing automatic window tiling to Sequoia. I’ve been happy with Raycast for that but we’ll see what Apple does with it.

Standalone Passwords app? Yes please. We’ve never been able to get 1Password family sharing working right.

New photo search and magic eraser look interesting. Yes, I know Android has had those things for a while.

The ability to mirror the iPhone on the Mac seems great, but I wonder whether I would ever use that.

The iPadOS update is disappointing. I’m far from the first person to point out that the iPad is Maserati-class hardware paired with a 1968 Volkswagen operating system.

The customizable control center on the iPhone looks nice. Voice memos app including transcriptions, and the ability to record calls and transcribe them can be extremely useful in my line of work; I currently rely on pricey third-party services for that kind of thing.