Bosch: Legacy

Bosch: Legacy continues the TV series Bosch, which ran multiple seasons on Amazon Prime, starring Titus Welliver as LAPD Det. Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch. In Bosch: Legacy, Harry has gotten fed up with the police department, retired, and gone into business as a private detective. Meanwhile, Bosch’s daughter, Maddy, is now starting out on patrol, fresh out of the police department.

The show isn’t as good as the original, but I like it. The original had a broader range of characters, and richer exploration of the geography of Los Angeles. The new series seems like it’s hitting a lot of cliches. One character is a hipster computer hacker who always wears hats, and who functions as a universal exposition machine.

The series has moved to the FreeVee network, which is a part of Amazon Prime. Even though we’re paying for Amazon Prime, FreeVee requires us to sit through commercials, with a little countdown clock in the corner. Ripoff! Amazon Prime? More like Amazon CRIME—amirite?!!

Earlier this year, we watched a few episodes of The Rockford Files, a classic private detective series from the 1970s, starting James Garner. The series also appears on FreeVee. The commercials are even more annoying on this one—they don’t even appear in the original show’s commercial breaks, they just pop up smack in the middle of scenes.

I wouldn’t mind commercials in The Rockford Files if they were the original 70s commercials.