Cory Doctorow: The moral hazard of bankruptcy, stories from Black women’s customer service hell, a new way that phones can spy on you, and unauthorized cups.

Pluralistic: 29 Jul 2021: Bankruptcy lets billionaires destroy businesses, jobs, and the economy, and literally kill people, and walk away with billions of dollars, thanks to limited liability corporation, investor impunity, and corrupt judges.

Economists “wring their hands about the ‘moral hazard’ of public health care and housing, they’re oddly sanguine about limited liability.

Also: Stories from Black women’s customer service hell, about the women who answer the phone when you call Disney, Airbnb, Carnival and others.

And a new way your phone is invading your privacy, through the accelerometer:

“The way you move has a sufficiently unique signature that accelerometers can identify you as the person carrying a device. The same techniques can infer your driving style, whether you are intoxicated, and, through dead reckoning, where you are – even without a GPS fix.

“Alarmingly, accelerometers can be repurposed as crude mics, translating sound vibrations into speech and keyword detection.”

Unlike your phone’s camera and microphone, the accelerometer lacks privacy protection

And paper cup manufacturers are putting RFID chips in their products to deny homeless people drinking water.