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@kimberlyhirsh I read the first couple of BOOM! comics and thought they were brilliant, and then I lost interest. I haven't gotten into the Dark Horse comics after a friend kinda dissed them. He said the unlimited creativity you can have in comics – no sfx budget! – worked well in S8, overdone thereafter.

And yes Xander + Dawn seems creepy when we remember her as a childish teenager, but also yes a five-year-difference as adults is completely unremarkable.

Even in the show, Xander noted that he and Dawn shared a common bond in that they were the only two Scoobies with no supernatural powers. (What about Anya, though? Wasn't she completely mortal now?)

Xander in the first season or two does not look good to a post #MeToo rewatch – in the 90s he seemed like a charming, lovelorn nerd; now he seems like a scary incel stalker. However, his character evolves and by the end of the series he's intriguing because he's the only Scooby to achieve worldly success. While Buffy is struggling in the Double Meat Palace, Xander is a young, rising star in construction. (An industry for which there is a lot of demand in Sunnydale as buildings get regularly flattened by supernatural shenanigans.)

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