Replying to: fahrni @fahrni

@fahrni I’ve been messing around with how I post to blogging and social media for the past few months – even more than I usually do, which is constantly.

About a month or two ago I went to for all blogging, because wordpress supports Oembed and does not. But I also distribute the blog as a newsletter, and the newsletter does not support Oembed, so that did not work out.

The current iteration, arrived at literally this week, is Tumblr and Reddit for links and found media – the found media comes almost exclusively from those two platforms, so why not? And for longer posts.

I may move the longer posts back to because I like the work @manton is doing and want to support it. And also because I used through most of 2020.

I also post to Twitter and to a Facebook group, which has me as the only person authorized to post. I use Buffer to space those posts out over time. And I use the queue in Tumblr to do the same on Tumblr.


Mitch W @MitchW