Replying to: manton

@manton I was thinking about just that this morning. We're seeing a Mastodon boom, of course, but I'd like to see a fediverse boom. Hopefully all those millions of Mastodon users will see that they don't have to replicate Twitter; they can use lots of services in parallel, with Mastodon being one of them.

I was also thinking about ways I might suggest that could do more to integrate with Mastodon while not becoming Mastodon. Like, might I be able to use my account to interact with Mastodon users as a peer? Boosting toots is a big thing that I can't currently do from It seems like something I'd want to do there, on Mastodon, but not here, on, but could I use my account for that somehow? And no I haven't thought that through yet--the overall thing I'm thinking about is the things that I now do on Mastodon that I could use for instead, ways that I interact with other people on Mastodon.

I haven't tried logging in to a Mastodon client using my credentials. I'll try that soon. What could go wrong, right? Hold my beer.

Mitch W @MitchW